Fostering Design and Automation of
Electronic and Embedded Systems

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Council business will be conducted by its Board of Governors. The Board of Governors is comprised of Representatives from the Member Societies and Member Technology Organizations, Officers of the Council, and Chairpersons of the Council's Standing Committees.

Additionally, included are the following IEEE Representatives (as non-voting members): IEEE Executive Director, IEEE VP of Technical Activities, and Division I Director.

Current Board Composition

Society Representatives
Antenna and Propagation Society Quan Xue
Circuits and Systems Society Georges Gielen, Enrico Macii
Computer Society Cecilia Metra
Electron Devices Society David Pan
Microwave Theory and Techniques Society Michal Odyniec
Solid State Circuits Society Bryan Ackland, Vivek Tiwari
Member Technology Organization/Conference Representative
Design Automation Technical Committee Iris Hui-Ru Jiang
Design Technology Council Arjun Rajagopal
System Validation and Debug Technology Committee Priyadarsan (Darshan) Patra
Technical Committee on Cyber-Physical Systems Shiyan Hu
Test Technology Technical Council Yervant Zorian
Asia & South Pacific Design Automation Conference Masanori Hashimoto
Design Automation Conference David Atienza
Design Automation and Test in Europe Conference Donatella Sciuto
International Conference on Computer-Aided Design Gi-Joon Nam
Member Technology: Publication Representative
Embedded System Letters Sri Parameswaran
Transactions on Computer-Aided Design of Integrated Circuits and Systems Vijaykrishnan Narayanan
Design & Test Magazine Joerg Henkel
Officers of the Council   (* denotes corresponding Standing Committee Chair)
President Shishpal Rawat
President-Elect David Atienza Alonso*
Past-President Sani Nassif*
Secretary Eli Bozorgzadeh
Vice-President for Conferences and Meetings Yao-Wen Chang*
Vice-President for Publications Helmut Graeb*
Vice-President for Finance Gi-Joon Nam*
Vice-President for Activities Peng Li*
Vice-President for Publicity José Ayala*
Standing Committee (in addition to VP-chaired)
Awards Hidetoshi Onodera
Constitution and Bylaws (Parliamentarian) Sani Nassif
Fellows Sachin Sapatnekar, Chair
Sani Nassif, Vice-Chair
Standards Dennis Brophy
Strategy David Atienza Alonso*
Council/IEEE Liaison/Representative  
IEEE Initiatives Ayse Coskun
Young Professionals Eli Bozorgzadeh
IEEE Representatives  (non-voting)
Executive Director E. James Prendergast
VP of Technical Activities  Marina Ruggieri
Division I Director Maciej Ogorzalek