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 2014/15 CEDA President Sani Nassif visited CEDA chapters in Pennsylvania, Beijing, Seoul, Shanghai, and Hong Kong in the fourth quarter of 2015. Each of the visits included meetings with chapter officers and members, and an introductory talk on the IEEE and CEDA (which can be found here.)

Each chapter will now make plans for 2016 activities which will be financially supported by CEDA and can include invited lectures (from the soon-to-be-announced CEDA Distinguished Lecturer program), local workshops and seminars, as well as membership development.

The goal of the visits as a whole was to energize the CEDA chapters and to encourage activity in 2016. Chapters are an important part of all IEEE societies, as they encourage and allow for local involvement with activities customized to each region. Chapters are particularly important in attracting participation from students, introducing them to the IEEE and to participation in professional societies in general. Chapters are also instrumental in reaching out to professionals who might be interested in career development and external visibility.

Watch for further news from our CEDA chapters in this space over the year!

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