Fostering Design and Automation of
Electronic and Embedded Systems

System Validation and Debug Technology Committee

The Vision:

Form an Industry body/council focusing on system validation and debug of silicon-based computing and communication -- soup to nuts. Both functional and electrical validation are in scope. Note that this complements Test Technology which focuses primarily on manufacturing defects, Mfg. Test and associated technologies.
Debug, in Post-si or Pre-si-system, is an essential phase and aspect of system validation, where the system encompasses hardware/silicon, firmware and system software.
Both Industry experts and collaborating academicians are brought together as partners in this effort which, we hope, will lead to a vibrant, effective Industry body.
Take on large issues that are deemed beneficial to multiple partner organizations, institutions and thus have an industry-level impact to the eco system. Think Standards, Specifications, Tools, and Problem definitions & sharing
Help develop System Validation curriculum to foster & promote the academic discipline

More Information

When you are interested in joining or would like more information on the SVDTC, please contact  Darshan Patra, SVDTC Chair.