Fostering Design and Automation of
Electronic and Embedded Systems

EDA has truly changed the world. Without EDA, none of today’s extremely complex chips containing billions of transistors would be possible. Without them, we would not have the Internet, we would not have smart phones, and cars would not have nearly the capabilities they have today. We could not even dare think of driverless cars, our overall industrial productivity would be much lower . . .

EDA keeps evolving and reinventing itself. The discipline has always adapted to new challenges. In recent years, it has branched out from its core to also addressing biochips, security, smart grid – to name just a few fields where EDA has made an impact.

EDA is exciting, as it is strategically located at the intersection of micro- and nano-electronics, computer science, and mathematics. Yet, many people do not appreciate the importance or the excitement and beauty of EDA. Specifically, not enough young and promising students grasp what kind of intellectual fulfillment and broad career perspectives EDA has to offer them.

As a part of the CEDA community, we need to spread the word about the excitement of EDA – especially to university students!

Following DAC 2016 in Austin, CEDA chapters (and universities or persons intending to establish a CEDA chapter) can request some of our best-known luminaries for a CEDA Distinguished Lecture at their location. CEDA will cover the travel costs of the lecturer.

Current Distinguished Lecturers:

Jason Cong, UCLA

Jason Cong

  • Customizable Computing at Datacenter Scale

  • High-Level Synthesis and Beyond

Giovanni De Micheli, EPFL


  • Majority-based Logic Synthesis

  • Technologies and Platforms for Cyberphysical Systems

  • 3-Dimensional Nano-Devices: Models and Design Tools


CEDA DL's have proposed exciting topics for their lectures, as shown above. Further topics may be available upon discussion.

The program will expand. We target to announce more Distinguished Lecturers in 2017. CEDA Distinguished Lecturers serve a two-year term.

How to request a Distinguished Lecturer:

Your request will be reviewed by the CEDA DL Committee (Tsung-Yi Ho, Naehyuck Chang, David Pan, Ulf Schlichtmann).

For further information, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., CEDA's VP Activities.

Note: Request early, and be flexible about your dates. Our lecturers are much sought after, and they travel frequently, so they usually appreciate the opportunity to combine a Distinguished Lecture with other travel. This works best if sufficient lead-time is given.