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Contests and workshops, such as those at the International Symposium on Physical Design (ISPD) and the Design Automation Conference (DAC), have become an important driving force in pushing the EDA domain forward in different areas.  To encourage better research development on timely and practical EDA problems across all domains, CEDA sponsors many community events such as workshops, panels, contests, and technology surveys.


Previous Contests

IEEE Texas Workshop on Integrated Systems Exploration (TexasWISE 2015)
Sponsored by CEDA and IEEE CAS Society
See as well the Call for Posters and the Call for Participation

ICCAD 2015 CAD Contest (Taiwan)  

The 2015 CAD contest at ICCAD is a challenging, multi-month, research and development competition, focusing on advanced, real-world problems in the field of Electronic Design Automation. The contest is open to multi-person teams world-wide. Contestants can participate in one or more problems in the three areas of system level design, logic synthesis & verification, and physical design. For more information, including registration details, detailed problem descriptions, and contest rules please refer to the official contest website.  

The CAD contest at ICCAD has been jointly sponsored by IEEE CEDA and Ministry of Education (MOE), Taiwan, since 2012 with the goal of fostering a close working relationship between members of the academia and the industry to advance the state-of-the-art in EDA. In the past three years it has attracted 56 teams from 7 world-wide regions, 87 teams from 9 regions, and 93 teams from 9 regions. Prior to its internationalization, it was solely sponsored by MOE, Taiwan for 12 consecutive years, tremendously boosting EDA research in Taiwan. Each year winners are felicitated at an ICCAD special session dedicated to thiscontest. The contest has also lead to numerous publications in top-tier conferences and journals showcasing the research from the top-performing teams. 

IEEE ICCAD 2014 TCAD to EDA Workshop
The slides of the presentations can be found here.

IEEE Texas Workshop on Integrated Systems Exploration (TexasWISE 2014)
Sponsored by CEDA and IEEE CAS Society 

SISPAD (Simulation of Semiconductor Processes & Devices) Workshop
CEDA organized a workshop titled "Linking Technology and Electronic System CAD" at SISPAD 2013. 
See videos from SISPAD 2013 here.