Fostering Design and Automation of
Electronic and Embedded Systems

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Class of 2017

w rhines
kchoi photo 0805
Walden C. Rhines
Mentor Graphics Corporation

for leadership and technology innovation in integrated circuit design and automation 
Kiyoung Choi
Seoul National University

for contribution to low-power, real-time, and reconfigurable systems
Xin Li Blue
Xin Li
Duke University/Duke Kunshan Univ.

for contributions to modeling, analysis, and optimization of variability of integrated circuits
and systems
Weiping Shi
Texas A&M University

for contributions to modeling and design of VLSI interconnects
 Youngsoo Shin
 Valeria Bertacco 1352121919731
Youngsoo Shin
KAIST, Korea

for contributions to design tools for low 
power, high speed VLSI circuits and systems
Valeria Bertacco
University of Michigan

for contribution to computer-aided verification and reliable system design
Carloni Luca
Frank Liu
Luca Carloni
Columbia University

for contributions to system-on- chip design automation and latency-insensitive design
Frank Liu
IBM Research

for contributions to design for manufacturability of VLSI circuits
Andrei Vladimirescu
BerkeleyWireless Research Center

for contributions to the development and 
commercial adoption of SPICE circuit simulation


  • David Atienza, for contributions to design methods and tools for multiprocessor systems on chip
  • Xiaobo Sharon Hu, for contributions to resource management for embedded systems
  • Jiang Hu, for contributions to gate, interconnect, and clock network optimization in VLSI circuits
  • Peng Li, for contributions to the analysis and modeling of integrated circuits and systems


  • Jörg Henkel, for contributions to hardware/software codesign of embedded computing systems
  • Steven P. Levitan, for contributions to mixed-technology micro-systems education
  • Diana Marculescu, for contributions to design and optimization of energy-aware computing systems
  • Michael Orshansky, for contributions to VLSI design for manufacturability
  • Yuan Xie, for contributions to design automation and architecture of three-dimensional integrated circuits
  • Jason Baumgartner, for contributions to formal hardware verification and its application


  • Helmut Graeb, for contributions to design centering and structural analysis of analog circuits
  • Zhigang (David) Pan, for contributions to design for manufacturability in integrated circuits
  • Mircea Stan, for contributions to power- and temperature-aware design of VLSI circuits 
    and systems
  • Martin Vlach, for  leadership  in  analog  and  mixed  signal hardware description 
    languages and their simulation tools  


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