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The Outstanding Service Award is presented to volunteers for exceptional commitment and service to the EDA community.

Yao Wen Outst SVC ICCAD 2014 chair
Yao-Wen Chang receiving the Outstanding Service award at ICCAD 2015

cirkel recog dac 2016

Ann Cirkel receiving the Outstanding Service award at DAC 2016

Award Recipients

Year Recipient Service
2016 Ann Cirkel DAC 2015 General Chair
2016 Wolfgang Nebel DATE 2015 General Chair
2016 Kunio Uchiyama ASPDAC 2015 General Chair
2015 Yao-Wen Chang ICCAD 2014 General Chair
2015 Soha Hassoun DAC 2014 General Chair
2015 Gerhard Fettweis   DATE 2014 General Chair
2014 Jörg Henkel         ICCAD 2013 General Chair
2014 Yervant Zorian DAC 2013 General Chair
2014 Enrico Macii DATE 2013 General Chair
2013 Alan Hu ICCAD 2012 General Chair
2013 Patrick Groeneveld DAC 2012 General Chair
2013 Wolfgang Rosenstiel DATE 2012 General Chair
2012 Joel Phillips ICCAD 2011 General Chair
2012 Bashir Al-Hashimi DATE 2011 General Chair
2012 Leon Stok DAC 2011 General Chair
2011 Sachin Sapatnekar DAC 2010 General Chair

Featured Video

Maarten Sierhuis

Socially Acceptable AI-based City Driving

Dr. Maarten Sierhuis leads a team of researchers at Nissan’s Research Center in Silicon Valley, tasked with developing autonomous vehicles (AVs), connected vehicles (CVs) and Human-Machine Interaction and Interfaces (HMI2). As a former NASA research scientist, he spent the bulk of his career creating autonomous technology for space exploration. Now he brings his expertise down to earth to help shape the future of motoring and how people will interact with intelligent cars capable of driving themselves.

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