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Title: Biology and the Environment: Frontiers for EDA?

Dr. Giovanni De Micheli

From the Institute of EE at Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland.


Giovanni De Micheli - Laboratory of Integrated Systems (LSI), EPFL, Switzerland


EDA has made possible the routine design of chips with billions of nano-scale devices, arguably the most complex man-made systems to date. However, improved quantitative understanding of biological and environmental systems has revealed complexities far beyond those in human-engineered systems. Prof de Micheli will show how EDA and CAD technologies are well-positioned to impact these new engineering frontiers.

Biographical sketch

Giovanni De Micheli is Professor and Director of the Institute of Electrical Engineering and of the Integrated Systems Centre at EPF Lausanne, Switzerland. He also chairs the Scientific Committee of CSEM, Neuchatel, Switzerland. Previously, he was Professor of Electrical Engineering at Stanford University. He holds a Nuclear Engineer degree (Politecnico di Milano, 1979), a M.S. and a Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (University of California at Berkeley, 1980 and 1983.

His research interests include several aspects of design technologies for integrated circuits and systems, such as synthesis, hw/sw codesign and low-power design, as well as systems on heterogeneous platforms including electrical, micromechanical and biological components. He is author of: Synthesis and Optimization of Digital Circuits, McGraw-Hill, 1994, co-author and/or co-editor of six other books and of over 300 technical articles.

Prof. De Micheli is the recipient of the 2003 IEEE Emanuel Piore Award for contributions to computer-aided synthesis of digital systems. He is a Fellow of ACM and IEEE. He received the Golden Jubilee Medal for outstanding contributions to the IEEE CAS Society in 2000. He received the 1987 D. Pederson Award for the best paper on the IEEE Transactions on CAD/ICAS, two Best Paper Awards at the Design Automation Conference, in 1983 and in 1993, and a Best Paper Award at the DATE Conference in 2005.

He has been serving IEEE in several capacities, namely: Division 1 Director (2008-9), co-founder and President Elect of the IEEE Council on EDA (2005-7), President of the IEEE CAS Society (2003), Editor in Chief of the IEEE Transactions on CAD/ICAS (1987-2001). He was Program Chair of the pHealth and VLSI SOC conferences in 2006. He was the Program and General Chair of the Design Automation Conference (DAC) in 1996-1997 and 2000 respectively. He was the Program and General Chair of the International Conference on Computer Design (ICCD) in 1988 and 1989 respectively. He is a founding member of the ALaRI institute at Universita' della Svizzera Italiana (USI), in Lugano, Switzerland, where he is currently scientific counselor.

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