Spread the Word on Calls for Papers

From the Editors@IEEE Newsletter: Volume 2, Issue 7, July 2017

Take advantage of two new ways to spread the word about your Calls for Papers: the Authors@IEEE Newsletter and the AuthorLab community in IEEE Collabratec.

The monthly Authors@IEEE Newsletter goes out to over 75,000 recent IEEE authors. We have received feedback from recipients that they would like to see the latest Calls for Papers in the newsletter, so this is a great venue to share your own CFPs. Simply email Tiffany McKerahan at t.mckerahan@ieee.org to discuss getting your CFPs in the newsletter.

Another opportunity to spread the word is the AuthorLab community in IEEE Collabratec. AuthorLab is dedicated to publishing at IEEE, has over 9,000 participants, and is one of the most active communities in Collabratec. We encourage you to post your CFPs in the AuthorLab to increase your distribution. If you have any questions about posting please contact Tiffany McKerahan at t.mckerahan@ieee.org.