Electronic Design Process Symposium (2019)

EDPS 2019

Electronic Design Process Symposium (2019)


The 2019 Electronic Design Process Symposium is the leading forum for advanced chip and systems development and CAD methodologies.

Recent advances in computational power, data science technology, and associated applications have led to the development and proliferation of machine learning, intelligent manufacturing, and predictive design methodologies. New techniques are also emerging to enable reduced NRE and faster time to market, which are critical components in any semiconductor business.

In this annual gathering of electronic IC/system designers, developers, and manufacturing experts, we will discuss design methodologies, design flows and CAD tool needs via keynotes, presentations, and panel discussions. Contributors will choose from topics such as Machine 
Learning in System Design and EDA, Smart Manufacturing, Innovative Designs and Design Techniques, System Synthesis, Smart Verification, System Reliability, and Cyber-Systems Design with an emphasis on security.

Please contact Ramond Rodríguez ([email protected]) to submit IEEE-EDPS 2019 abstracts and discuss mutual areas of interest. 

All presentation slides must be made available in final form by Aug 15, 2019.

Complete presentations from 2018 EDPS and prior years are available at: http://edpsieee.ieeesiliconvalley.org/edps_archive.php.