IEEE CASS Seasonal School on Physical Design Automation

IEEE CASS Seasonal School on Physical Design Automation


The 2017 IEEE CASS Seasonal School on Physical Design Automation aims to offer a set of talks on key topics of physical design automation of integrated circuits in modern and upcoming technologies. It should represent current and future challenges that are faced by industry and academia for the implementation of ever more complex circuits and systems. We want to promote discussion on hot topics and cover fundamental algorithms and computational methods in the area so that the attendance can leverage their comprehension and capabilities, while also attracting new students and researchers to the right problems. The courses will be given by prominent international researchers with extensive expertise in their fields. Associated with the school, a book will be organized and published by an internacional publisher.

The School’s technical program includes 8 courses of 2 hours 40 minutes each, divided into two parts of 1 hour 20 minutes each, with a coffee break. It also includes some short talks of 50 minutes each. There will be a panel each day to involve participants in discussions related to the subjects covered. In the afternoon coffee break, there will be a poster session related to the school topics. The corresponding call for posters is available on the webpage.

The main topics to be covered by the school will include:

  • Global and Detailed placement
  • Gate sizing
  • Routing and routability
  • Tools for 3D architectures
  • Layout manufacturability
  • Clock routing buffer/wire sizing
  • Machine Learning for EDA
  • Layout Design Automation

Some of the speakers are:

Andrew Kahng, UCSD, USA
William Swartz, TimberWolf Systems and UT Dallas, USA
Laleh Behjat, Univ. Calgary, Canada
Patrick Madden - SUNY Binghamton, USA
Ulrich Brenner - University of Bonn, Germany
Evangeline Young - CUHK, Hong Kong 
Mark Po-Hung Lin - NCCU, Taiwan
Patrick Groeneveld, Formerly Synopsys, USA

Short Talks by:

Marcelo Johann, UFRGS, Brazil
José Güntzel, UFSC, Brazil
André Reis, UFRGS, Brazil
Ricardo Reis, UFRGS, Brazil
Mateus Fogaça and Jucemar Monteiro, UFRGS, Brazil

More details, such as talks, abstracts, and registration, available on the webpage.

General Chair:
Ricardo Reis, UFRGS, Brazil

Program Chairs:
Patrick Madden, SUNY Binghamton, USA
Marcelo Johann, UFRGS, Brazil

Poster Session Chair: 
Jucemar Monteiro, UFRGS

Finance Chair: 
José Rodrigo Azambuja, UFRGS

Local Organization Committee:
Mateus Fogaça, UFRGS (chair)
Jody Matos, UFRGS
Augusto Neutzling, UFRGS

IEEE CASS Liaison: 
Ricardo Reis, UFRGS, Brazil

IEEE CEDA Liaison: 
José Guntzel, UFSC, Brazil

Date & Time

Mon, July 31, 2017 –
Sat, August 5, 2017

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Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul - Informatics Institute

Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil