Board of Governors

The Executive Committee serves concurrently on the Board of Governors

Member Society Representatives

Quan Xue

Antennas & Propagation

Enrico Macii

Circuits and Systems Politechnico di Torino

Georges Gielen

Circuits and Systems

Cecilia Metra

Computer University of Bologna, Italy

David Pan

Electron Devices University of Texas at Austin

Christopher Bailey

Electronics Packaging

Michal Odyniec

Microwave Theory &Techniques

Bryan Ackland

Solid-State Circuits

Technology Organization/Technical Committee (TC) Representatives

Iris Hui-Ru Jiang

Design Automation TC National Chiao Tung Univ.

Arjun Rajagopal

Design Tech Council

Darshan Patra

System Validation & Debug TC

Shiyan Hu

TC on Cyber-Physical Systems Michigan Tech. Univ., Dept. of Elect. & Comp. Eng.

Conference Representatives

Masanori Hashimoto

ASP-DAC Osaka University

Ayse Coskun

DAC Representative Boston University, MA

Donatella Sciuto

DATE Politecnico Di Milano, Italy

Tsung-Yi Ho

ICCAD, DL Program Manager

Standing Committee Chairs (in addition to VP-chaired)

Shishpal S. Rawat

Immediate Past President, Nominations & Appts. Intel Corp. (retired)

Yao-Wen Chang

President-Elect, Strategy Chair National Taiwan University

David Atienza

President, Fellows EPFL, Switzerland

Publication Representatives

Jörg Henkel

EiC, Design&Test Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)

Sri Parameswaran

EiC, Embedded Systems Letters The University of New South Wales

Rajesh K. Gupta

EiC, TCAD University of California, San Diego

Council Representatives to IEEE Initiatives/Committees

Jorge J. Gomez Sanz

Internet of Things UCM, Spain

Pierre-Emmanuel Gaillardon

Rebooting Computing University of Utah

Eli Bozorgzadeh

Diversity (WIE), Young Professionals University of California, Irvine

Additional Council Positions

Tsung-Yi Ho

ICCAD, DL Program Manager

Sudeep Pasricha

CEDA Web/Social Media Activities Manager Colorado State Univ.

Council Operations

Jennifir McGillis

Council Operations Manager Conference Catalysts, LLC

IEEE Representatives

Susan “Kathy” Land- IEEE VP Tech. Activities

Renuka P Jindal- IEEE Division I Director