On the afternoon of Feb. 5, 2018, Prof. de Micheli delivered a lecture under the support of IEEE CEDA Distinguished Lecturer Program. Before the lecture, a joint lunch meeting was held by IEEE CEDA Hong Kong Chapter so that all IEEE CEDA members got a chance to know and talk with Prof. de Micheli.

There were over 40 students and professors attending the lecture. Prof. de Micheli’s wonderful talk stimulated a lot of discussions and questions, ranging from technique details to future research topics and next-10-year plan. After the lecture, Prof. de Micheli had a meeting with a group of research students from Chinese University of Hong Kong to share his research experiences.

IEEE CEDA Hong Kong would like to express our gratitude to IEEE CEDA and Prof. de Micheli for this wonderful event. We feel that the lecture and sharing meetings are extremely useful. 


Photos below were taken during Distinguished Lecturer Giovanni de Micheli's visit to CEDA's Hong Kong Chapter