Leadership in Embedded Security Workshop

Leadership in Embedded Security Workshop

Join us for a special “visioning” workshop on the future of embedded security, broadly defined held by The Cybersecurity Taskforce of the CCC. 

The event is co-located with USENIX Security on August 12-13 in Baltimore, USA. 

We have several program managers from various federal agencies who will be joining as well.

One-page position papers are due June 1. 

The workshop participants will be selected from among the responses to a call for 1-page position papers that address:

  • a grand challenge,
  • at a time-scale of 5-10 years out,
  • requiring multiple experts or subdisciplines,
  • identifying gaps in research,
  • and presenting compelling opportunities for embedded security research and education.

The following list suggests some possible topics for the position papers, but any embedded security topic is welcome. This list is not exhaustive but represents the broad definition of embedded security.

  • Threat Models in Embedded Security
    • Side channels: Passive and Active
    • Sensors and Actuators
    • Physical attacks and defenses
    • Counterfeiting, trojans
    • Reverse engineering
    • IP theft
    • Tampering
    • Third party IP integration
  • Defenses:
    • Anti-counterfeit, anti-tamper, obfuscation
    • Embedded crypto: Symmetric and asymmetric, secure hashing, TRNG
    • Energy-constrained security
    • IP protection and tracing
    • Verification
  • Embedded Security Design Patterns
    • Computer architecture
    • HW-SW co-design
  • Applications
    • Industrial controls
    • Autonomous vehicles
    • Aviation
    • Medical devices
    • Power-grid
    • Smart homes
    • IoT
    • Operational Technology
  • Cyberphysical Security
  • Human Factors in Embedded Systems: Psychology, Sociology, Economics, Policy
  • Post-Quantum Cryptography in Embedded Systems
  • Security Economics
  • Protecting Legacy Systems

If you are interested in attending the workshop, please complete the application and submit the requested materials, including a one-page position paper, here by June 1st. The workshop organizers will notify the selected attendees by June 15th.

The CCC will offer domestic travel reimbursement for all participants who desire it. See the logistics tab for more information.