announcement | Tue, Apr 2nd, 2019

David Pellerin Keynote at DATE'19

Another Successful CEDA Luncheon Keynote Held at DATE 2019

CEDA sponsored its Luncheon at DATE 2019 on Wednesday, March 27th, as a key part of the Special Day of the conference titled “Embedded meets Hyperscale and HPC”. This CEDA Luncheon, given by David Pellerin from Amazon, titled “Heterogeneous Computing: Embedded meets Hyperscale and HPC” addressed the rapid advances in smart connected devices, coupled with machine learning and "data lake" methods of advanced analytics in the cloud. More precisely, this CEDA Luncheon Keynote presented examples of use-cases within Amazon of public cloud computing using heterogeneous computing platforms and AI developed by Amazon (including CPUs, GPUs, FPGAs, and other emerging acceleration technologies), coupled with smart, cloud-connected devices to create next-generation intelligent products for Amazon customer. Moreover, fully linked to CEDA topics, the talk concluded with examples of how cloud-based semiconductor design is being enhanced using these same methods. The luncheon was very well received by the DATE audience. Indeed the room was completely full (with more than 150 attendees), and received compliments by many attendees in the audience. CEDA showed with this luncheon its strong support to key conferences within EDA and embedded systems, as well as building a bridge between the embedded and HPC/data center community.​

--David Atienza, IEEE CEDA President

​​​​​​Photos from the Event

DATE 2019