CEDA Adds Hardware Security and Trust Technical Committee

announcement | Mon, Jan 11th, 2021

hardware security

In July 2020, CEDA Executive Committee approved the proposal of establishing the Hardware Security and Trust Technical Committee (HSTTC). The goal of HSTTC is to help researchers better understand the challenges and risks in the hardware security and trust domain and to help both academia and industry to develop countermeasures and solutions to hardware security and trust problems. It will provide a platform and vehicle for people to learn hardware security and trust, to share their latest findings, and to facilitate collaborations. Various activities will be arranged and can be found at https://www.ieee-hsttc.org/

One major task of HSTTC is to organize the IEEE CEDA sponsored Asian Hardware Oriented Security and Trust Symposium (AsianHOST http://asianhost.org/2020/). After Taipei (2016), Beijing (2017), Hong Kong (2018), and Xi'an (2019), this year's AsianHOST was held virtually in Kolkata, India on Dec. 16-17. CEDA President Dr. Yao-Wen Chang and Vice President for Activities Dr. Tsug-Yi Ho joined the opening session to congratulate HSTTC and AsianHOST. This year's symposium features 13 regular papers, 8 short papers, a Ph.D. forum, 4 keynote talks, and a panel discussion. It has attracted a record-breaking 136 attendees. The next edition of AsianHOST will be held in Shanghai, China in December 2021.    

The founding co-chairs of HSTTC are Dr. Gang Qu (University of Maryland) and Dr. Yier Jin (University of Florida). HSTTC is open for contributors, volunteers, and sponsors. Please contact Dr. Gang Qu ([email protected]) if you are interested.  

HSTTC Website