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CAD for Assurance
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Panel 7: Microelectronics Supply Chain Security: What Can Save Us? Webinar Matthew Areno, Saverio Fazzari, Vipul J. Patel, Ulrich Rührmair, Louise Sengupta
CAD for Assurance: Hardware Security 2.0: What Are The New Frontiers? Webinar Gang Qu, Serge Leef, Chip-Hong Chang, David Kehlet, Murthi Sadhasivan
CAD for Assurance: Hardware Trojan Benchmarks: From Chips to PCB Webinar Jonathan Cruz, Nils Albartus
CAD for Assurance: Hardware Assurance vs. AI: Friend or Foe? Webinar Mike Borza, Vivian Kammler, Brian Knight, Len Orlando, Samuel M Weber
CAD for Assurance: Securing Crypto in the Pre & Post-Quantum Era: Opportunities and Challenges? Webinar Debdeep Mukhopadhyay , Rosario Cammarota, Ramesh Karri, Sri Parameswaran, Apostol Vassilev, Ingrid Verbauwhede
CAD for Assurance: QFlow: Quantifying Data Leakage for RTL IP and QIF-RTL: A New Secure Hardware Description Language Webinar Lennart Reimann, Xiaolong Guo
CAD for Assurance: SAIL: Machine Learning Attack on Logic Locking and Obfuscation and PLAN: Power Side-Channel Evaluation Webinar Prabuddha Chakraborty, Chester Rebeiro, Ayalur Lakshmy
CAD for Assurance: Scan Chain Locking/Broad Security Evaluation & Protecting against Untrusted COTS Webinar Aydin Aysu, Seetal Potluri , Mahmudul Hasan, Tamzidul Hoque
CAD for Assurance: Panel 3 - Security Assessment and Verification for Microelectronics - A New Future or More of the Same? Webinar Sandip Ray, Kevin Bush, Sharad Malik, Keith Rebello , Robert B. Jones, Jamin McCue
CAD For Assurance: Hands-on Hardware Assurance - Demos of Select Experiments on a Flexible Training Platform Webinar Reiner Dizon, Christopher Vega
CAD for Assurance: Malware Detectors and Introduction to Common Evaluation Platform (CEP) Webinar Kanad Basu, Brendon Chetwynd
CAD For Assurance: Panel 2 Side-channel leakage - Can CAD come to the rescue? Webinar Patrick Schaumont, Serge Leef, Jasper van Woudenberg, Colin O’Flynn, Francesco Regazzoni
Distinguished Lecturer
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On Device AI to Better Mobile and Implantable Devices in Healthcare Webinar Yiyu Shi
Cross-Layer Security of Embedded and Cyber-Physical Systems Webinar Mohammad Al Faruque
Data-Driven Deep Learning for Full-Chip Thermal and Power Estimation for Commercial Multi-core Systems Webinar Sheldon Tan
In Memory Computing for a More Efficient and General AI Webinar Abu Sebastian
In-Memory Computing: from Devices to Applications — A Cross-Layer Perspective Distinguished Speaker/Keynote X. Sharon Hu
Electronic Design Automation for Emerging Technologies Distinguished Lecturer Anupam Chattopadhyay
Hardware Supported Cybersecurity for IoT Distinguished Lecturer Yier Jin
Automating Analog Layout in the 21st Century Distinguished Lecturer Sachin Sapatnekar
In-Memory Computing with Associative Memories — A Cross-Layer Perspective Distinguished Lecturer X. Sharon Hu
Predictive Analytics in Machine Learning for VLSI Circuits Distinguished Lecturer Rajiv Joshi
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CEDA Distinguished Speaker Luncheon at DATE 2023 Distinguished Speaker/Keynote Jan M. Rabaey
Anupam Chattopadhyay: Electronic Design Automation for Emerging Technologies Webinar Anupam Chattopadhyay
DATE 2022
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CEDA Distinguished Speaker at DATE 2022 Distinguished Speaker/Keynote Georges Gielen
DAC 2021
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AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning Distinguished Speaker/Keynote Kurt Keutzer
When the Winds of Change Blow, Some People Build Walls and Some People Build Windmills Distinguished Speaker/Keynote Joe Costello
Distinguished Speaker Luncheon at DAC 2021 Distinguished Speaker/Keynote Tsu-Jae King Liu
GPUs, Machine Learning, and EDA Distinguished Speaker/Keynote Bill Dally
IEEE Technical Committee on Cyber-Physical Systems 2021 Awards Ceremony Award Ceremony Yiran Chen
The Potential of Machine Learning for Hardware Design Distinguished Speaker/Keynote Jeff Dean