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DAWN: Publishing in EDA Transactions, Journals, and Magazines

Hai (Helen) Li , Rajesh K. Gupta , Xiaobo Sharon Hu , Tulika Mitra , Ramesh Karri , Jörg Henkel

We are excited to announce Design Automation WebiNar (DAWN) to drive research momentum and ensure our community remains at the cutting edge. Different from conventional keynote and individual speaker webinars, DAWN is a special-session-style webinar. DAWN is formed by multiple presentations on focused topics by leading experts in our community.

The fourth event in this series is a panel on the topic "Publishing in EDA Transactions, Journals, and Magazines". 


DAWN: Secure Silicon Recent Developments and Upcoming Challenges

Mark M. Tehranipoor , Gang Qu , Brandon Wang , Ahmad-Reza Sadeghi

Talk 1 (0‘-25‘): Keys to Hardware Security
Talk 2 (25‘-50‘): Automated Implementation of Secure Silicon
Talk 3 (50‘-75‘): Assessment of Hardware Security and Trust
Talk 4 (75‘-100‘): Enclave Computing on RISC-V: A Brighter Future for Platform Security?


DAWN: Career Development for Scholars in EDA Research

Diana Marculescu , Kwang-Ting Tim Cheng , Giovanni De Micheli , Ayse Coskun , Phillip Stanley-Marbell , Jeyavijayan Rajendran

Different from conventional keynote and sole-speaker-style webinars, Design Automation WebiNar (DAWN) is a special-session-style webinar. DAWN is formed by multiple presentations on focused topics by leading experts in our community.

The second DAWN was held on June 23, 2020, and was a Fireside Chat on Career Development for Scholars in EDA Research.


DAWN: Machine Learning for EDA

Azalia Mirhoseini , Anna Goldie , David Pan , Jiang Hu , Song Han , Shao-Yun Fang

Talk 1 (0‘-20‘): Reinforcement Learning for Placement Optimization
Talk 2 (20‘-35‘): AI-Enabled Agile IC Physical Design and Manufacturing
Talk 3 (35‘-50‘): Plug-in Use of Machine Learning and Beyond
Talk 4 (50‘-65‘): Efficient AI, TinyML, Model Compression
Talk 5 (65‘-80‘): Pin Access Optimization Using Machine Learning
Panel (80‘-120‘)

DAC 2020

Conference Special Session

In-Memory Computing in Emerging Memory Technologies for Machine Learning: An Overview

Kaushik Ravindran

Conference Special Session

Machine Learning Based Sice Channel Attacks and Countermeasures

Marilyn Wolf

Conference Special Session

Autonomous Warehouse-Scale Computers

Parthasarathy Ranganathan

Conference Special Session

Scenario-Based Soft Real-Time Hybrid Application Mapping for MPSoCs

Jürgen Teich

Conference Special Session

Online Adaptive Learning for Runtime Resource Management of Heterogeneous SoCs

Michael Kishinevsky

Conference Special Session

Efficient Synthesis of Compact Deep Neural Networks

Niraj K. Jha

Conference Special Session

Creating an Agile Hardware Design Flow

Priyanka Raina

Conference Special Session

Chipyard - Integrated SoC Design, Simulation, Implementation Environment

Krste Asanović

Conference Special Session

Developing Privacy-Preserving AI Systems: The Lessons Learned

Rosario Cammarota

Conference Special Session

Computational Methods for Biological Exploration

Louis Scheffer

ICCAD 2019

Video Lecture

Current Progress in Quantum Computing

Paul Nation

DAC 2018

Distinguished Speaker/Keynote

Energy Efficient Neuromorphic Learning And Inference At Nanoscale

Gert Cauwenberghs

Advances in machine learning and system-on-chip integration have led to the development of massively parallel silicon learning machines with pervasive real-time adaptive intelligence at the nanoscale that begin to approach the efficacy and resilience of biological neural systems...

ICCAD 2018

Distinguished Speaker/Keynote

Analyzing the Disruptive Impact of a Silicon Compiler

As part of the $1.5B Electronics Resurgence Initiative (ERI), DARPA is building the world's first general purpose silicon compilers.