D&T Editor's Corner

Dear Readers,

Welcome to the first issue of IEEE D&T in 2022. I wish you all a very happy new year. As you may know, I have recently assumed the responsibility of the EIC of D&T. I am thankful to Prof. Mehdi Tahoori from KIT to be the A-EIC.

First and foremost, I would like to thank Prof. Jörg Henkel for leading D&T for the last six years. As a community, we should be grateful to Prof. Henkel for his outstanding leadership. It is indeed a big shoe for me to step in.

My first responsibility as EIC will be to form a distinguished and committed editorial board. The editorial board will highlight the traditional core strengths of D&T in areas such as circuit/system design, design automation, testing, fault-tolerance, reconfigurable computing, and embedded systems. The editorial board will also include recognized researchers in emerging areas such as neuromorphic systems, bio-inspired computing, circuits and systems for machine learning, Quantum computing etc. By introducing new emerging research topics, D&T will be able to reach out to a broader audience with varied research and educational perspectives.

D&T’s sustainability and strength will depend on numbers, e.g., number of submissions, downloads, subscriptions, reviewers, authors, critiques, etc. Novel approaches based on social media offer unprecedented opportunities. We plan to proactively use social media to advertise upcoming issues, important tutorial/keynote papers, etc. There will be an associate editor specifically maintaining LinkedIn, Facebook pages, and a Twitter handle for D&T.

All papers submitted to the IEEE D&T undergo a comprehensive review process under the direction of an associate editor (AE). The AEs ensure all papers receive fair and in-depth reviews before any decision is made. Finally, the Editor-in-Chief reviews these decisions. IEEE D&T is published online, six issues per year.

The steering committee provides the EIC with the necessary advice and guidance.  In addition to the Editorial Board and Steering Committee, the publication is produced through the excellent work of the IEEE publications staff.

I hope you enjoy this and future issues of the IEEE D&T. I am looking forward to hearing your feedback and receiving your contributions.

Partha Pratim Pande, Editor-in-Chief


*Please contact Theo Theocharides and visit this website to stay abreast of what is happening in D&T, or to provide your suggestions!

D&T Editor-in-Chief

Partha Pratim Pande

Washington State University
United States
6 (Western U.S.)