JxCDC Paper Submissions

Paper Format Description

Papers can have 2 parts – the first part is a 4-8 page main paper (following a strict format – template available from website), and the second part is the supplementary material.  The main paper itself will just focus on describing why the work is important, the state of the prior art, the key new accomplishment(s) or results, and then what the research directions are going forward. The main paper can have an accompanying supplementary material (detailed methods) part.  The supplementary material is not mandatory, but authors are strongly encouraged to submit supplementary material, which will increase the chance of acceptance. The Supplementary material (detailed methods) will be peer reviewed along with the main paper. The ScholarOne website will have the guidelines for the two part submission – the main and the supplementary material. 

JxCDC is an Open Access only Publication

  • Charge for Authors: $1,350 USD per paper 
  • Paper submissions must be done through the ScholarOne Manuscripts website: https://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/jxcdc 
  • Guidelines for papers and supplementary materials, as well as a paper template, are provided at this website

Accepted manuscripts will be posted in the IEEE Xplore website within 2 weeks after authors have correctly uploaded their final files in the Scholar One Manuscripts “Awaiting Final Files” queue.  Online Submission is at: http://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/jxcdc.   

Inquiries for the JxCDC Journal should be sent to:  [email protected] 

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