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NEW! Call for Papers:

IEEE Transactions on Computers seeks original manuscripts for a special issue/section on Neuromorphic Computing Technologies and is scheduled to appear in July 2022.

Inspired by biological neural systems, neuromorphic computing has drawn much attention for its great potential of achieving machine intelligence at extremely low energy dissipation. Bio-inspired computing models have been investigated for information encoding, sparse representation, event-driven communication/computation, and online learning. This new computing paradigm triggered a recent wave of innovations in software and hardware architecture and emerging device technology, which consequently enabled many novel applications. This is an exemplar of research area where the application, computing model, architecture, and circuit level design are closely coupled to deliver unprecedented functionality and energy efficiency.

This special issue of IEEE Transactions on Computers will explore academic and industrial research on all topics related to neuromorphic computing, from computing model, software and hardware architecture to application design.

Topics of interest to this special issue include, but not limited to:

  • Network, neuron, and synapse models of bio-inspired and spiking neural networks
  • Non-von Neumann computing architectures
  • Emerging devices and hardware implementations
  • Supervised or unsupervised learning in neuromorphic computing systems
  • Biologically-inspired network structure and computing models
  • Applications where neuromorphic system have the potential to outperform state-of-the-art techniques
  • Online learning and real-time applications of neuromorphic systems
  • Application, computing model, and hardware architecture co-design for neuromorphic systems

Submitted papers must include new significant research-based technical contributions in the scope of the journal and should be submitted through ScholarOne. Please select this special issue/section option. Submission templates and guidelines can be found here.

The article submission deadline is on 15 November 2021  (the submission site will be open 2 weeks before the deadline).