K.J. Ray Liu

Ray Liu

K.J. Ray Liu

IEEE Region: 2 (Eastern U.S.)


Dr. Liu received the B.S. degree from the National Taiwan University in 1983, and the Ph.D. degree from UCLA in 1990, both in electrical engineering. He is a Distinguished University Professor and a Distinguished Scholar-Teacher of the University of Maryland, where he is Christine Kim Eminent Professor of Information Technology of A. James Clark School of Engineering.

Dr. Liu leads the Maryland Signals and Information Group (SIG) with research contributions that encompass broad aspects of signal processing and communications, including wireless communications; network science; multimedia signal processing; information forensics and security; bioinformatics; and signal processing algorithms and architectures, in which he has published over 10 books and 800 refereed papers. His recent focus is on the development of wireless AI for wireless sensing and tracking using ambient radio signals from WiFi, LTE, and 5G networks.

Over the years, he has trained over 67 Ph.D. and postdoctoral students, of which ten of them are now IEEE fellows, and most of whom are active members of major universities and industrial institutions worldwide.

Dr. Liu has served as the IEEE Vice President, Technical Activities (2019) overseeing about 50+ societies/councils/communities, Division IX Director of IEEE Board of Directors (2016-17), and the President of IEEE Signal Processing Society (2012-13), in which he has also served as Vice President - Publications (2006-08) and a member on the Board of Governor. He was the Editor-in-Chief of IEEE Signal Processing Magazine (2003-05) and the founding Editor-in-Chief of EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing (JASP). Dr. Liu was a founder of the Asia-Pacific Association of Signal and Information Processing (APSIPA). He has served as Director of Graduate Studies and Research, and Associate Chair of Electrical and Computer Engineering Department.

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University of Maryland
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