Panel 8: AI Hardware Security

Aydin Aysu, Wayne Churaman, Hubertus Franke, Chris Sozio, Chris Taylor

Date & Time

Fri, November 17, 2023


Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming our lives and the industry every day. AI is widely used in activities ranging from operating heavy machinery to performing complex medical diagnoses. To take full advantage of this revolution, different types of compute hardware have promised improved AI performance and efficiency (TPU, GPUs, FPGAs, Edge Systems, etc.). But are they secure? How can malicious hardware derail the AI models running on them? What have we learned from the hardware security domain in this context? In this panel, we will discuss these big questions with renowned panelists from diverse sectors (Government, Industry, and Academia).


Aydin Aysu

Assistant Professor
North Carolina State University
United States

Chris Sozio

NSWC-Crane, Navy

Chris Taylor

Battelle Memorial Institute

Date & Time

Fri, November 17, 2023