IEEE Embedded Systems Letters (ESL)

Aim & Scope

IEEE Embedded Systems Letters (ESL), provides a forum for rapid dissemination of latest technical advances in embedded systems and related areas in embedded software. The emphasis is on models, methods, and tools that ensure secure, correct, efficient and robust design of embedded systems and their applications.

Aims & Scope

IEEE EMBEDDED SYSTEMS LETTERS seeks to provide a forum of quick dissemination of research results in the domain of embedded systems with a target turn-around time of no more than three months.

The journal is currently published quarterly consisting of new, short and critically refereed technical papers. Submissions are welcome on any topic in the broad area of embedded systems and embedded software, especially but not limited to:

  • Architectural and micro-architectural design of embedded systems: microarchitectures, customizable processors, signal processing, multi-processor SOC and NOC architectures;
  • Design automation algorithms, methods, and tools for VLSI implementations: specification languages, models and synthesis methods;
  • Component modeling and component-based development methodologies; Hardware-software co-design, co-design methodologies, design exploration tools;
  • Compilation and managed runtime environments for embedded systems; Profiling, measurement, analysis techniques for embedded applications; OS, middleware and support systems for embedded-system design;
  • Programming languages and software engineering for embedded or realtime applications;
  • Non-functional aspects of embedded systems including low power, reliability, dependability and availability. Low power design and power management;
  • Testing, validation, and verification of embedded software;
  • Embedded systems security;
  • Applications of embedded systems and software: military, avionics, and automotive: case studies, applications of new methodologies and tools to applications with increased system heterogeneity and scale.


Sri Parameswaran

EiC, Embedded Systems Letters The University of New South Wales
IEEE Region: 10