Iris Hui-Ru Jiang

Design Automation TC
National Taiwan University
10 (Asia and Pacific)


The Design Automation Technical Committee (DATC) is a technical committee of the IEEE Council on Electronic Design Automation (CEDA). Its mission is to provide a forum for discussion of strategic and topical issues in design automation, including coordinating efforts to produce publicly available design flows and test cases and to arrange workshops, meetings, activities, and publications on related topics.


OpenDesign Flow Database: The Infrastructure for VLSI Design and Design Automation Research


Victor N. Kravets, IBM Research, USA

Laleh Behjat, University of Calgary, Canada

Yih-Lang Li, National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan


Gi-Joon Nam, IBM Research


In recent years, there has been a slew of design automation contests and released benchmarks. Past examples include ISPD place & route contests, DAC placement contests, timing analysis contests at TAU, and CAD contests at ICCAD. Additional contests are planned for upcoming conferences. These are interesting and important events that stimulate the research of the target problems and advance the cutting edge technologies. Nevertheless, most contests focus only on the point tool problems and fail to address the design flow or co-optimization among design tools. OpenDesign Flow Database platform is developed to direct attention to the overall design flow from logic design to physical synthesis to manufacturability optimization. The goals are to provide 1) an academic reference design flow based on past CAD contest results, 2) the database for design benchmarks and point tool libraries, and 3) standard design input/output formats to build a customized design flow by composing point tool libraries.


[1] Iris Hui-Ru Jiang, Gi-Joon Nam, Jinwook Jung, Victor N. Kravets, Laleh Behjat, and Yih-Lang Li “OpenDesign flow database: The infrastructure for VLSI design and design automation research,” in Proc. IEEE/ACM International Conference on Computer-Aided Design (ICCAD-2016), Austin, TX, USA, Nov. 2016.


Release of New Robust Design Flow at ICCAD 2019

The IEEE CEDA Design Automation Technical Committee (DATC) has developed an open reference design flow, called DATC Robust Design Flow (RDF), to facilitate research on flow-scale methodology and cross-stage optimizations.

The latest RDF-2019 development, scheduled to be released at ICCAD’19, makes a significant revision of the previously-reported RDF-2018 flow.

Leveraging recent academic tool developments made in the OpenROAD project, RDF-2019 adds previously missing steps such as floorplanning, I/O placement, power planning, and clock tree synthesis.

A number of horizontal extensions to RDF are also achieved by incorporating additional tool options at the static timing analysis, global placement, gate sizing, and detailed routing stages of the flow.

Additionally, RDF-2019 provides significantly enhanced support of, and interoperability with, industry-standard tools and design formats (LEF/DEF, SPEF, Liberty, SDC, etc.).

Check out the official Github repository of IEEE CEDA DATC.