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Annual report

In addition to regular reporting via vTools, Chapter Chairs will need to submit an annual report. The report includes plans for next year. Please submit the report to our VP Activities.


To send a Chapter-related request to our Activites Committee, please send an e-mail to Activities.

Forms to accompany requests for Chapter support are located below under "Tutorials and Forms". These are the "Chapter Planning Form" and "IEEE Chapter Funding Information Form".

Tutorials and Forms

Post-meeting report-vTools tutorial (application/pdf) Download (556.858 KB)
Create DL event IEEE vTools tutorial (application/pdf) Download (809.331 KB)
Search and View vTools Events (application/pdf) Download (589.753 KB)
CEDA Chapter Annual Report Form (application/pdf) Download (43.647 KB)
Chapter Planning Form (application/pdf) Download (58.855 KB)
IEEE Chapter Funding Form (application/pdf) Download (162.895 KB)

Resource Links:

Create a New Chapter

Chapter Chair Reference Page

Restricted Access (Chapter Chairs and Officers):

Special Notice: On 30 May, SAMIEEE was replaced by IEEE OU Analytics, a new visual business intelligence tool for volunteer access to member data.

IEEE OU Analytics (authorized access to current member data)

Analytics Reference Materials

Download the Analytics training presentation

Download the Analytics Map training guide 

vTools Events (for managing Section, Subsection, Chapter and Affinity Group meetings and events)

vTools Events Reporting (report (L31) IEEE meetings and events)

Chapter Technical Meeting Recording and Distribution (IEEE presentation)