Talk 1 (0‘-20‘): Reinforcement Learning for Placement Optimization
Talk 2 (20‘-35‘): AI-Enabled Agile IC Physical Design and Manufacturing
Talk 3 (35‘-50‘): Plug-in Use of Machine Learning and Beyond
Talk 4 (50‘-65‘): Efficient AI, TinyML, Model Compression
Talk 5 (65‘-80‘): Pin Access Optimization Using Machine Learning
Panel (80‘-120‘)


Azalia Mirhoseini

Senior Research Scientist
Google Brain
United States

Anna Goldie

Senior Software Engineer
Google Brain
United States

David Pan

University of Texas at Austin
United States
5 (Southwestern U.S.)

Jiang Hu

Texas A&M University
United States
5 (Southwestern U.S.)

Song Han

Assistant Professor EE & CS
United States

Shao-Yun Fang

Associate Professor
National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

Date & Time

Thu, May 7, 2020

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