To assure grounding in the major technology activities of the electronic design automation field, the Council has Member Technology Organizations from specific conferences, publications, and organizations. The Organizations bring information on the activities and directions of the EDA/CAD field.



The Design Automation Technical Committee (DATC) mission is to provide a forum for discussion of strategic and topical issues in design automation, including coordinating efforts to produce publicly available design flows and test cases and to arrange workshops, meetings, activities, and publications on related topics.

Iris Hui-Ru Jiang

National Taiwan University
10 (Asia and Pacific)


The IEEE Technical Committee (TC) on Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) is an IEEE constituency overseeing all technical activities related to designs, implementations, and operations of CPSs. CPS addresses the close interactions and feedback loop between the cyber sensing components and the dynamic physical components, using big data analytics.

Shiyan Hu

University of Southampton
United Kingdom
8 (Africa, Europe, Middle East)


The Hardware Security and Trust Technical Committee (HSTTC) was created to help researchers better understand the challenges and risks in the hardware security and trust (S&T) domain and to help both academia and industry to develop countermeasures and solutions to hardware S&T problems.

Gang Qu

University of Maryland
United States
2 (Eastern U.S.)


Mission The IEEE CEDA System Validation and Debug Technology Committee (SVDTC) brings together passionate experts from Industry and Academia globally, in order to collaboratively address the Industry needs in and around the technology of System validation and Debug (SVD) for silicon-based information and communication systems -- from soup to nuts.

Chinna Prudvi

Intel Corp.
United States
6 (Western U.S.)


Test Technology Technical Council (TTTC)’s interests encompass a wide variety of technologies since each area of electronic test depends on its own specialized instrumentation and techniques. A number of technologies are usually needed to test a single product thereby increasing the challenge.

Giorgio Di Natale

8 (Africa, Europe, Middle East)