Call for Participation of ACM/IEEE Contest for Machine Learning on Hardware at ICCAD’23

announcement | Thu, Aug 24th, 2023

ICCAD Contest

Interested in machine learning on various hardware platforms? Consider participating in the second ACM/IEEE Contest for Machine Learning on Hardware at ICCAD, a challenging competition focusing on real-world problems that require the implementation of machine learning algorithms on both conventional hardware platforms as well as emerging hardware platforms. Given the great interest received last year, this year's contest is separated into two tracks (tinyML contest on microcontrollers and quantum computing challenge) to accommodate researchers with diverse backgrounds. The top three teams of each track will be announced during the 2023 International Conference on Computer-Aided Design (ICCAD). Winners will be invited to give presentations on their methods at the conference and to receive their awards. 

The top winners in each track will receive up to $2,500 USD.  

For details, please visit:

The contest begins now and teams must register by September 8.  Any questions please contact tinymlcon[email protected] (track 1) or [email protected] (track 2). 

Track 1 Organizers: Dawei Li (Chair), Zhenge Jia, Xiaowei Xu, Lichuan Ping, Yiyu Shi

Track 2 Organizers:  Zhiding Liang (Chair), Di Wu, Zichang He, Xiaowei Xu, Weiwen Jiang, Yiyu Shi