EDPS 2017 – A great “new” beginning

Workshop Summary

Shishpal Rawat, President CEDA

While the 24th edition of EDPS was, as they say in its 24th year, it was in many ways a new beginning for the symposium.

  1. As the design process has evolved and becomes more integrated with manufacturing to package more components in a die (Moore’s Law), we brought in our manufacturing partners to describe how these new design and manufacturing processes could better work together to improve yield and HVM thereby reducing the overall cost of the system.
  2. SEMI became an associate sponsor of the event providing us with impeccable facilities to hold the symposium in Milpitas, CA.
  3. Time and location were moved from April, Monterey, to Sept., Milpitas, to come closer to many practicing engineers which allowed them to participate with minimal disruption to their busy work schedules.

We easily surpassed our attendance goal and ended up with a total of 81 attendees (with some attendees signing up at the door).  The sessions presented thought-provoking subjects (machine learning, yield improvement, design acceleration and debug/validation) over the course of two days.  The Q/A and follow up sessions led to interesting discussions and attendees enjoyed valuable networking opportunities between IC design and manufacturing experts.  Our keynote speakers Antun Domic, Zoe Conroy, Jim Hogan and Pankaj Mehra provided insight into upcoming challenges from a global economic perspective to challenges in putting together a 5 nm design.  The session speakers came from all over the United States and from Taiwan and provided a very rich mix of topics challenging the present-day design, test and manufacturing engineers. You can find a detailed write-up here (courtesy Herb Reiter). The program along with the latest copy of the presentation by our speakers is available for download on the EDPS website.

See you all at EDPS 2018!


Tue, Oct 10th, 2017 |