Current Distinguished Lecturers

Yier Jin

Distinguished Lecturer 2019 - 2021
Introduction to Hardware and IoT Security
Security of Internet of Things (IoT) and Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS): A Hands on Approach
Hardware Supported Cybersecurity for IoT

Rajiv Joshi

Distinguished Lecturer 2019 - 2021
Predictive Analytics in Machine Learning
From Deep Scaling To Deep Intelligence

David Pan

Distinguished Lecturer 2019 - 2021
AI and Intelligent IC Design/Manufacturing
MAGICAL: Machine Generated Analog IC Layout
Optical Computing on Photonic Integrated Circuits

Xiaobo Sharon Hu

Distinguished Lecturer 2018 - 2021
A Cross-Layer Perspective for Energy Efficient Processing - From Beyond-CMOS Devices to Deep Learning
Exploiting Ferroelectric FETs: From Logic-in-Memory to Neural Networks and Beyond
Network Resource Management in Wireless Networked Control Systems

Yiran Chen

Distinguished Lecturer 2018 - 2021
Running Sparse and Low-Precision Neural Networks: When Algorithm Meets Hardware
Applications of Emerging Non-volatile Memory Technologies in Next-generation Storage and Computing Systems
Deep Learning Acceleration on Mobile Platforms
Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow of Emerging Non-volatile Memory: A Holistic and Historical View of Technologies, Designs, and Applications

Edith Beigne

Distinguished Lecturer 2018 - 2021
The Future Of Low Power Circuits And Embedded Intelligence: Emerging Devices And New Design Paradigms
Auto-adaptive Digital Circuits – Application to Low-power Multicores and Ultra-low-power Wireless Sensor Nodes
FDSOI Circuit Design for High Energy Efficiency: Wide Operating Range and ULP Applications – A 7-year Experience
How to Design Asynchronous Circuits? Design/System and Flow Overview - Application to Multicores and End-devices

Naehyuck Chang

Distinguished Lecturer 2018 - 2021
Low-power Cyber-physical Systems
Design Automation of Electric Vehicles
Energy Harvesting and Storage for CPS and IoT
System-level Low-power Embedded Design
Introduction to Electric Vehicles
Power supply for Embedded Systems and Internet of Things

Sachin Sapatnekar

Distinguished Lecturer 2018 - 2021
Spintronics: From Devices to Circuits to Systems
Reliability, Error-resilience, and Approximation in Integrated Systems

Vijaykrishnan Narayanan

Distinguished Lecturer 2018 - 2021
Is it Logic or Memory? - Blurring the Gap
Beyond Von Neumann Systems
Non-Volatile Processors – Enabling a new generation of battery-less Internet of Things

Giovanni De Micheli

Distinguished Lecturer 2017 - 2020
Majority-based Logic Synthesis
Technologies and Platforms for Cyberphysical Systems
3-Dimensional Nano-Devices: Models and Design Tools